Missions Program

LTBC supports 21 missionaries to the following countries:  America, Peru, Ecuador, Africa,  Australia, Papau New Guinea, Philippines, Cambodia, China.

  1. Andrew & Laura Steers (Missionaries to Australia)
  2. Jeff & Beverly Bellamy (Rock of Ages Prison Ministry)
  3. Edgar Orcales (National Missionary to the Phillippines)
  4. Roehl & Faye Tanedo (National Missionaries to the Philippines)
  5. Fernandito Jr. & Precious DeGuzman (National Missionaries to the Philippines)
  6. Ake Bowonzong (National Missionary to Papau New Guinea)
  7. Joe & Laura Consford (Missionaries to West Africa)
  8. Jim Bosse (Jehovah Jireh Ministry)
  9. Mark & Sabrina Holmes (Missionaries to Nigeria)
  10. Gene & Nelly Harmon (Missionaries to China)
  11. Nicolas & Michaela Dunn (Missionaries to China)
  12. Edgar & Edna Landingin (Filipino Missionaries to Cambodia)
  13. David & Tracy Westbrook (Missionaries to Australia)
  14. John & Henrietta Clark (Missionaries to the Deaf/Deaf Evangelism)
  15. Ray & Anita Bradley (Missionaries to the Deaf in Ecuador)
  16. Maranatha Deaf Ministries (Ray Bradley's Children's Ministry)
  17. Joe & Lisa Kotvas (Missionaries to the Deaf in Peru)
  18. Matt & Sarah McKendree (Missionaries to the Deaf in Peru)
  19. Eddie & Marta Ray (Missionaries to China)
  20. Neal & Beth Ray (Missionaries to China)
  21. Jeff & Elizabeth Harris (Church Planter in Rochester N.Y.)
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